Children and Youth

Children and Youth are loved, appreciated,
and a part of the fabric of LMF Life.


At LMF we seek to be a place of welcome and nurture for the children who walk through our doors. Our hope is to foster an environment where kids can make friends, ask questions, and learn about Jesus. We also want to help families engage with faith at home, coming alongside parents in their roles as peacemakers and spiritual teachers for their children.
Danielle Snider - Children & Family Ministries Coordinator
Danielle has years of experience working with children both in Canada and abroad, teaching Sunday School, running VBS programs, and teaching acting and performance arts to students from elementary age all the way to adulthood. She has two kids with her husband, Jeff, and hopes that LMF can be a place for parents to feel supported in raising children of faith.
On Sunday mornings we all begin our worship together in the sanctuary. After a children's story in the service, kids are invited to their class, "Gather 'Round" where they have a guided time of learning, playing, and craft making.

Youth at LMF

The LMF youth program recognizes that young people are dealing with various competing priorities and are connected to each other and the wider world more than ever. Helping young people navigate the complexities of life is a top priority for youth leadership.
Scott Campbell - Youth Leader
Scott previously led the children's program and currently has two of his three kids in the youth group. He is a fundraiser, theatre artist and paddle boarder. Scott's focus is on meeting each teen where they are at and ensuring they have space to unpack life's big questions within a faith community.  
Our Youth gather every Sunday during the service. We invite youth to join in when they can and as much as they can.
  • Once a month Scott leads our youth in "Small Group Sundays" during the service. This is a chance for all of our youth to gather together at least once a month for discussion and community building. 
  • On weeks between Small Group Sundays, the youth is led by volunteers from the congregation. 

We also have Friday Youth Events once a month led by Scott. 

This is a chance for our youth to gather just for fun and community. Contact the LMF office or view the upcoming events page for more information about current youth activities.


Youth Mentorship Program

The LMF youth program includes young people in grades 6 to 12. When they enter grade 8, youth are given the opportunity to be paired with an adult mentor in the LMF community. Mentors connect with their mentees monthly. Mentors are another adult in a youth's life helping guide them through this critical stage of growth and maturing.