Church at Home

Welcome to Church!

During this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic, much of what we do is at home in our family bubbles. At LMF we are gathering and worshipping at home too. A typical Sunday morning at Langley Mennonite starts with an email at 8:30am which will have a greeting from Ian and further information for the week's worship. 
Online Service | Each week at 11am we have an online service either via YouTube Live or on Zoom for more interactive services.
June 20th will be a Zoom Service. Please contact us for the link. 
Previous Services

*Copyright permission for all music used in services has been granted.

Sharing Time | The second part of our worship is a time of sharing on Zoom after the service (usually around 11:45am). During this time, everyone who tunes in has an opportunity to talk about the challenges and triumphs in their week and everything in between. Personal connections are very important to us at Langley Mennonite, and for many of us this is the best way for us to connect as a group. 
If you would like to join us, please email the church at and we will get you connected.