Worship Series

Current Worship Series


May 19 - June 2  | Quest for the Living God 

"In our continued search for God, our quest is for the 'ineffable divine mystery on the move in history, calling forth our own efforts in partnership while nourishing a loving relationship at the center of our being: 'my heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God' (Psalm 84:2)." from Quest for the Living God (p.4) by Elizabeth Johnson.

With theologian Elizabeth Johnson as our guide, we will search for God as the triune God of Love, as Creator Spirit, as God acting womanish, as gracious mystery, as liberating God, ever greater, ever nearer.

In case you would still like to consult with the radio series which we used as our resource in our last worship series, you can find it at the following link: After Atheism: New Perspectives on God and Religion

Upcoming Worship Series

June 9 - 23  | LMF in June. The Life of the Church

Every June, the rhythm of LMF life dictates our worship.  We will be on retreat, we will tell some our personal stories of God, and as we transition into Summer we will celebrate our students, educators and graduates.