In the Fall of 2021, Church Council appointed a committee to begin
the process of steering our community in creating a vision for our future...

For the LMF community to develop a shared understanding of the hoped-for future state of the community in ten years (2032) and to develop plans to get there.


What has been done so far:
  • Research on demographic and church trends has been read and discussed
  • Interviews with pastors and leaders from other like-minded churches have been conducted
  • A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis of our community has been drafted
  • The LMF congregation took part in a survey designed to find commonalities in our community

Survey Highlights and Interview Themes

Survey Highlights

In June 2022, the LMF community was invited to take part in a survey which asked about our priorities and purposes, the challenges we face, and the changes required. The results were enlightening and will help set the direction for future conversations, explorations and ideas.
Survey Highlights

Interview Themes

As a part of this process, members of the Visioning Team have interviewed pastors and leaders from other like-minded churches in an effort to understand what is working well for communities of faith, where the common areas of struggle are, and how they are navigating larger cultural trends. There were several overriding themes across the interviews.
Two attributes of churches with strong congregational involvement were:
  • Churches were intentional about activities they were involved in, with programming and decision-making flowing from clear vision and value statements.
  • Healthy, growing churches were looking to the broader community and serving the people they wanted to see in the church community. 
OtHER interview themes

What's Next?

Things to Consider:
  • Are the challenges and opportunities we are facing urgent enough to make necessary changes?
  • What do we have energy for?
  • Do we want to define a future or do we want to continue down the current path and accept whatever the future holds?

Give Feedback
We encourage you to take some time to look at the results of the LMF survey and church interviews, consider the things above, and offer your feedback on what you see for the future of LMF. 
You can offer feedback in the following ways:
1.    Email Danielle ( with a few notes or a page of thoughts.
2.    Schedule a chat with Ian if a conversation is a better fit for you. 

Feedback from the LMF community is absolutely vital to this process,
so please do not hesitate to engage in this process!