Sunday Morning

We hope you'll join us!

At Langley Mennonite Fellowship, we love to get together to visit, sing, learn and pray together.
Sunday morning is a time set aside for us to feel the loving presence of God as a body of faith. We pray that Sunday morning is a time that can frame our week, renewing our spirit with the weekly reminder that we belong within a family of love, grace, hope and purpose. It is also a time where we can affirm our desire to be a positive force for justice and reconciliation with God as our strength.

COVID-19 Update
We are currently meeting both online and in-person. All are invited to come to church for worship when ready to do so, but in the meantime, you can worship from home with our livestream services. Worship will begin at 10am, with shorter services leaving space for visiting and getting reacquainted. We will also continue with our time of sharing on Zoom at 11:15am for those gathering online. If you do join us in person, please be sure that you are well enough to come and wear a mask. We hope to see you online or in-person soon!