Gathering during the Covid-19 Pandemic

LMF Safe Gathering Policy | "For the health and safety of our community, we require all of those who attend our services in person be free of Covid symptoms and fully vaccinated.  We also require you to properly wear your face mask throughout the service. Worship leaders and speakers may remove their face mask when leading from a safe distance." 
Provincial Health has lifted its mask and vaccine passport mandate while also directing people to take precautions when circumstances warrant it.  The LMF Church Council recognizes that indoor gatherings and singing offer a greater opportunity for the spread of Covid-19.  This is by no means a permanent policy and will be reviewed regularly.

Safe Singing Practices | We want to sing and we want to do so with care. Current practice suggests using masks with a high degree of filtration in order to sing safely. CAN95e masks will be provided at the front door on Sunday mornings. These masks offer comfort and a high standard of filtration and breathability, making them ideal for us, particularly when we are singing. They can also be reused, so we would suggest that you perhaps keep them in your car’s glove compartment to wear to church each Sunday. To give ourselves appropriate distance, we will be singing from the periphery of the sanctuary. The sound will be glorious!!