Gather 'Round

        Welcome to Gather 'Round during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We are excited to be planning children and youth programming for the 2021/2022 school year while recognizing there are still some barriers and challenges to face as we make program decisions for our young LMFers. 

One of these challenges is a start date for our children and youth programs. 
We are planning for Gather ‘Round and youth programming to begin with the start of advent (November 28). As our community explores ways to gather together in-person this fall, we may choose to start the Gather ‘Round and youth programming earlier.
In the meantime, Shine at Home materials we will be made available via PDF download
in addition to the weekly lessons here. 
We are also planning a snail mail buddy system and a few zoom chats.
If you would like to get connected with our Gather 'Round activities this fall please contact 

We can join God in caring for the earth! (Sept 19)

Psalm 104
Read your Shine Bible pp. 130-131 or the attached retelling of the psalm. 
Wonder about ways God provides food and shelter for birds and other animals. 
Create simple bird feeders. Spread butter or nut butter on half a bagel. Press birdseed into it until covered and hang it outside. 
Care for the earth. Choose one thing your family can do each day to take care of creation.
Pray prayers of praise for creation. Take turns saying, “I praise God for _________.” Complete the sentence with animals, plants, and people that you love. 

Creator God, you give life to animals, plants, and people. We praise you for the food, water, and shelter you provide. Amen.

Gather 'Round Video Library

Scott is taking a break from releasing weekly Gather 'Round videos, but you can still go back to re-watch any of his previous videos or any of the many stories that have been shared during our livestream services. Check them out!
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