Current Worship Series

Peace with God
Peace within
Peace Between Us
Peace with Creation
Seeking Peace Together

Throughout the Fall, all of what we are doing on Sunday morning has to do with peace...and we begin with God. 
We seek peace with God, 
becoming quiet so that we can pray with an attitude of soulful peace, 
approaching Christ so that our hearts may know him, 
residing in God so that we can bear good fruit by the way that we live.

Art in the Sanctuary

The Posture of Inclusion
We will be keeping the image of the Cristo Blanco at the front of the sanctuary, with the outstretched arms of Christ’s expansive embrace. Christ is more than inclusive; his posture is an invitation, always and without exception.
Around the sanctuary, we have images of hands -- agents of inclusion, of giving, touching, begging, holding, lighting, applauding, connecting and communing. The hands are old, young and in between; they are of various shapes and shades. 
Cristo Blanco Photo: Reimar Goetzke
Hands Photography: Jane Grunau